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Return Policy

Please read the following conditions on returning goods to Budget Toner & Printers

Incorrectly ordered goods: Returns address u2/24 Rouse Road Greenfields WA 6210.

  1. Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned in original packaging which is still intact. We cannot accept any incorrectly ordered goods which have been opened or if the packaging is damaged or defaced in any way. Before opening the package please check that goods are suitable for the purpose they were purchased for. (For example, read the information the box/packaging of the cartridge(s) to ensure the cartridge(s) fits your printer.)

  2. When returning incorrectly ordered goods please pack them in another box so that the original packaging will not be damaged by stickers, courier handling etc. Please do not return any goods that have any marks on the original packaging or defacing of the cartridge as these will not be credited as they cannot be on sold or returned to our suppliers.

  3. It is your responsibility to pay all the freight charges. It is also the customers responsibility to ensure they have a proof of delivery for all goods returned to us. Any goods that are shipped freight on or receiver to pay will be rejected upon delivery.

  4. Return Authorisations are only valid for 14 days.

  5. All incorrectly ordered goods returned to Budget Toner & Printers will incur a 25% restocking/handling fee.

  6. Returned unopened goods can only be returned within 14 days from date of purchase. No returns will be accepted if they are outside of this period. Faulty goods can be returned with the following conditions:

There have been many occasions where both toners and ink cartridges which are returned are found not to be faulty. Please ensure you have performed your printer recommended installation and printer head cleaning and/or alignment procedures before returning any goods to us.

  1. Please contact us first to ensure and confirm that the product is faulty, as we may need information for the manufacturer confirming the fault. We will also provide an RA Number should it be deemed to be faulty.

  2. We are unable give credits for returns where the goods are over 6 months old from the invoice date. This is due to manufacturers restraints.

  3. Laser or Copier hardware returns cannot and will not be processed without printed pages from the cartridge in question as these are required by the manufactures of the products. There will be no exceptions as we will be unable to obtain credits without these. We may be able to organise on site evaluation/repair subject to the manufacturer’s warranty policies and location of the equipment. Cartridges are required to have at least 75% of the cartridge yields content remaining before we will accept them for return. If less than this the claim will be rejected.

  4. If the product has been refilled or tampered with in any way, the credit will be rejected.

  5. All cartridges must be sealed and secured to ensure they do not leak or get lost in transit.

  6. It is your responsibility to pay any freight charges. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have a proof of delivery for any goods returned to us. Goods that are shipped freight on or receiver to pay will be rejected.  Return Authorisations are only valid for 14 days.

  7. The warranty is limited to the cost of the goods only, as stated on your invoice, and is the amount you actually paid us for the goods. There are no implied warranties beyond what is stated here.

  8. Once we have received the cartridge(s), we will then evaluate it/them and contact you to advise you of the result. This could take up to 30 days for Genuine (OEM) Cartridges as the manufacturers return policy is to evaluate them.

  9. Any and all shipping/freight fees are not refundable.

Vendor Specific Return Guidelines: Most times we find that although it appears to be a cartridge related problem a quick call to the manufacturer concerned can help trouble shoot the issue. More often than not the issue can be resolved through their own technical support department.

Brother Cartridge(s) Returns: Brother require all faulty Item claims to be sent to Brother Australia for evaluation. Brother require a print sample, copy of the original tax invoice or proof of purchase and a print configuration report with all toner and drum returns. If Brother rejects the claim, you will need to collect the item(s) from Cartridges Direct. Thermal transfer rolls will be replaced only.

Please note: This process may take up to 8 weeks to complete.

Canon Cartridge(s) Returns: All canon items must weigh above the minimum return weight for approval. Canon ink cartridges will be tested and checked against the fault claimed. The approval decision will be made based on the results of these tests. Canon toner cartridges must have a test page of the fault. If a test page is not supplied the claim will be rejected, as we cannot pursue the claim with Canon. All items will also be checked for refilling, remanufacturing and tampering. All of which will void any warranty the item may have.

Epson Cartridge(s) Returns: All Epson inks have a 6-month warranty period from the date of the original invoice. Empty Epson cartridges will not be accepted for credit. Credits will only be issued for original Epson product being returned; compatible products will not be accepted.

Fuji Xerox Cartridge(s) Returns: All Fuji Xerox toner returns must have a print sample of the fault to be accepted for return.

HP Cartridge(s) Returns: Hewlett Packard will not accept any expired, refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges. Ink cartridges will also be checked against HP’s minimum return. If a cartridge is below this weight, then HP will classify it as empty. To check the expiry date on HP ink cartridges, see the HP returns data page. HP toner cartridges will require a print sample of the fault, and are tested under the same process as the ink cartridges.

IBM Cartridge(s) Returns: All IBM toner returns must have a print sample of the fault to be accepted for return.

Konica Minolta Cartridge(s) Returns: Faulty Konica Minolta items must be returned with print samples and/or descriptions of the fault. Items will be weighed and tested for faults by our supplier.

Kyocera Cartridge(s) Returns: Budget Toners and Printers will only accept back faulty Kyocera consumables. These will be weighed and tested for faults by our technician. For any D.O.A. or faulty hardware you must contact Kyocera directly on 1300 658 348 for repair or replacement.

Lexmark Cartridge(s) Returns: All faulty Lexmark consumables are to be returned back to us. You must return these items with print samples and/or descriptions of the fault. Lexmark toners and inks will be weighed and tested for faults by our supplier and a credit will be issued accordingly.

Oki Cartridge(s) Returns: All Oki toner returns must have a print sample of the fault to be accepted for return.

Samsung Cartridge(s) Returns: All Samsung toner returns must have a print sample of the fault to be accepted for return.

Sharp Cartridge(s) Returns: Toners and Drums returned as faulty will be checked by our supplier. Our supplier will require specific information detailing what is wrong with the item, if insufficient information is given, our supplier will reject the claim. The results of our supplier’s inspection will be used to determine whether the claim is accepted or not.

Please be aware that the use of Non-Genuine cartridges may also void the manufacturers warranty on the machine. We strongly advise that you speak to the relevant hardware manufacturer before purchasing Non-Genuine cartridges and/or advise them of this should you need to place any service calls whilst the machine is under warranty as charges may apply.

You may also find that the use of non-Genuine (OEM) cartridges may not produce the same quality prints, produce the same number of prints per cartridge and may also disperse toner or ink throughout the machine(s)

Due to the competitive pricing of products offered by Budget Toner and Printers we must strictly adhere to the return policy above. Thank you for your understanding.